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The Church Christmas Eve - 24 December 2017

The Church Altar In Preparation for Christmas Masses - December 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja

Vigil Mass Christmas Eve - 24 December 2017

Vigil Mass Christmas Eve - December 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja

Carols By Candlelight - 22 December 2017

Carols By Candlelight - December 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja

Visit to Middle Harbour - November 2017

Visit to Middle Harbour - November 2017

Our trip started by traveling to Timbrell Park, Five Dock, to pick up our tour guide for the day. We then travelled on over the Gladesville Bridge and on to Northbridge where we stopped for a morning tea break.

After morning tea, we moved on to Castle Cove where our guide had us stop at Echo Point Reserve. A very pleasant half hour or so was spent there, although the reserve is quite steep in parts and not everyone could visit the water front to take in the view. As we were about to leave, we noticed a hive of bees that had taken up residence in a gum tree near the entrance to the reserve. At this point we boarded our bus and departed!

Our guide then took us via various points including Harbord, Curl Curl and along the beach front to our lunch stop at Dee Why R.S.L. After an enjoyable lunch, we turned for home with a stop at Seaforth overlooking Middle Harbour and the Spit Bridge area. Great view overlooking the Marina and on out to sea!

We then travelled on to a stop at Balmoral Beach to take in the sea air and the view before heading for home via the Harbour Bridge and the city.

The weather was kind to us all day and the only low point of the whole day was the Sydney traffic!

Images & Commentary: Dan Hale

Visit to Belgenny Farm at Camden - August 2017

Visit to Belgenny Farm at Camden - August, 2017

Our trip took us to Belgenny Farm which is situated at Camden South, on a clear, crisp winter day. The farm is an historic site and the buildings have been preserved as close as possible to original. Belgenny Farm is part of the original 5000 acre "Camden Park" belonging to John and Elizabeth Macarthur who were pioneers in the area from 1805.

Our rustic guide on the day was full of all the interesting history of the different buildings, which was interrupted only by an excellent morning tea of fresh baked scones with cream and jam! Yes, please!

For lunch, we took a leisurely drive through the surrounding country side via Menangle over to the Campbelltown R.S.L. After lunch, a short detour down to Appin to see how much development has taken place in that direction, then we came back home. Another fun day for all.

Images & Commentary: Dan Hale

Launch of New Parish Logo - 5 & 6 August, 2017

Parish Logo

Launch Of Parish Logo

Father Andrew announcing the launch of the new Parish Logo at the Vigil Mass - Saturday 5 August

Image: Frank Bugeja

Corpus Christi Procession - Sunday 18 June 2017

Corpus Christi Procession 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja

Holy Trinity Parish Fair - Sunday 4 June 2017

Holy Trinity Parish Fair 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja

Friendship Group Visit To The Pharaoh Room - 9 May 2017

Friendship Group Visit To The Pharaoh Room 2017

The focus of this trip by the Friendship Group was to visit the Land of the Pharaohs! Our bus first took us to Trimbrell Park at Five Dock for morning tea. The park faces on to the waters of Iron Cove where a warm cup of coffee or tea was welcome as the morning was a bit brisk! Fortunately, the weather brightened up for the rest of the day.

Next we got a sight-seeing tour of the city harbourside construction zone to fill in a bit of time before we went to our prime destination: the Egyptian Room at the Royal Arch Temple in Petersham. More than an hour was spent there while our qualified Egyptologist guide explained the meaning of the coloured vignettes around the room. The time passed quickly as we were all fascinated!

Next, we travelled across town to the Paddington RSL club for lunch. This was a very tasty two-course lunch enjoyed by all. The day was rounded out by a sightseeing tour of the coast down to Bondi Beach and then our (very heavy traffic) journey home.

Images & Commentary: Dan Hale

Vigil Mass of the Lord's Resurrection - 15 April 2017

Easter Vigil 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja & Richard Zaiter

Good Friday Solemn Commemoration of the Lord's Passion and Death - 14 April 2017

Good Friday Lord's Passion 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja & Richard Zaiter

Holy Thursday Mass of the Last Supper - 13 April 2017

Holy Thursday 2017

Images: Frank Bugeja & Richard Zaiter

Palm Sunday - 10 April 2017

Palm Sunday 2017

Images: Richard Zaiter

New Statue Of The Holy Trinity located on the Altar of the Sacred Heart - February 2017

The Statue Of The Holy Trinity

The Statue will be placed on the side altar of the Sacred Heart until it is permanently moved in front of the Lectern

Thanks go to all parishioners who generously donated toward the purchase of the Statue

Image suppled by Caroline and Blannie Rodricks

Granville Train Disaster Memorial Mass - 17 January 2017

Granville Train Disaster Logo

Granville Train Disaster Memorial Mass

A small congregation attended the Granville Train Disaster Memorial Mass this evening to commemorate all those affected by the event. The wreath pictured in front of the altar will be laid by Fr Andrew at the Memorial Wall during tomorrow's service at Granville Station as an offering on behalf of our parish.

At 8:10am on 18 January 1977, the packed 6:09am train from Mount Victoria crashed into the bridge at Bold Street, killing 83 people and injuring over 200.

As we honour the 40th anniversary of Australia's worst peacetime disaster, we stop to remember those who died, their families, those injured and the countless rescuers who assisted on the day.

We also specially remember Father Les Campion who was present on the day ministering last rites and praying with those who had died. Father Campion was the Parish Priest at Holy Trinity Parish at the time of the Granville Train Disaster. His story is well told by Catholic Outlook (Diocese of Parramatta) as follows:

Granville Train Disaster Article

This article was originally published on Catholic Outlook’s Website and is republished with permission
Image: Diocese of Parramatta/Alfred Boudib

Wreath placed at Granville Train Disaster Article Memorial Wall

The wreath of red roses and gerberas placed by Father Andrew on behalf of our parish at the Granville Train Disaster Memorial Wall
18 January 2017

Image: Annette Wirz