Parish Logo
Parish Logo

On the weekend of August 5-6, 2017, the new logo for Holy Trinity Parish was launched. The new logo has adapted the Triquetra, commonly referred to as the Celtic Trinity Knot, which has been currently used as the parish logo. The Triquetra is a three-part interlocking symbol that symbolises the Christian Trinity. The word "Trinity" comes from the Latin noun "trinitas" meaning "three are one." The Trinity expresses the belief that God is one Being made up of three distinct Persons who exist in co-equal essence and co-eternal communion as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This belief is expressed through the the intertwining form of the knot.

The doctrine of the Trinity is encapsulated in the Gospel of Matthew 28:19, where Jesus instructs the apostles: "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." The Trinity is the belief that God is three separate persons, known as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and each person is God. There is, however, only one God.

The design and colouring of the logo (or “shield” as it is traditionally known) draws on both the theological representations of the Blessed Trinity to which our Parish is dedicated and also the practical aspects of our parish church where we come together to celebrate our liturgies, administer the sacraments and come toghether to serve at the altar of our Lord. The logo also draws upon our history and acknowledges the service of religious both from the past and our past who have helped build our community.

The new design was a combined effort by Rosette Chidiac, Sacramental Co-Ordinator, and John Portelli, Director of Music. Both felt that, after the personalised logo which Rosette specifically created for the The 2015 Jubilee Celebrations, there was the need to update the current logo, the Triquetra, to make it more personal and specific to the parish as the logo did not draw on the story of the parish. This new logo brings together the history of our parish and our schools, and those men and women who have served here for over 130 years.

Parish Logo Created For The 2015 Jubilee Celebrations

Celtic Trinity Knot 2015

Colours of the New Parish Logo

The colours of royal blue, red, gold and white which are used on the new logo also have a special meaning, both practically and theologically. From a practical aspect, the star which is suspended over the tabernacle in our church and which itself represents the blessed Trinity by its use of interlocking triangles within triangles, is beautifully painted in these colours. By using these colours for the new logo we draw a connection with the physical infrastructure of the church building, which is also a very unique symbol. The star is not seen in any other church.

Theologically, the colour gold represents Godhead or God the Father and encircles the outline of the full logo to represent that everything is given by God and for God. The presence of royal blue represents faithfulness and kingship to which we as Catholics affirm that our Lord Jesus, second in the Holy Trinity, is King of the Universe. The red symbolises the blood which was shed by our Lord Jesus Christ during his passion for the remission of our sins and our salvation. In addition to this, it also symbolises the Holy Spirit sent down at Pentecost and seen as tongues of fire by the apostles and the fervent love of our Lord by his sending of the Holy Spirit to us and to remain with us. The use of the colour white used in the text symbolises the light and purity of Christ.


The use of the prayer which is outlined in the ring “Blessed be the Holy and Undivided Trinity” draws on the history of our parish high school, Delany College, and was the exclamation of blessing shown on the former Patrician Brothers High School crest for over 50 years from its inception in 1942 until the change in name of the college in 1997. The addition of this exclamation reaffirms our faith as Catholics in the Holy Trinity but also acknowledges the wonderful work which our schools have done in our parish over the years and is fitting that the launch of our logo and the use of this exclamation coincide with the 75th anniversary of Delany College / Patrician Brothers in our Parish. This also helps to acknowledge that our Primary school, who shares the patron of the Holy Trinity with our parish and our high school, come together to build our community and make the presence of our Lord known in Granville.

The symbol at the base of the logo is representation of our Blessed Mother Mary and her place as Queen of the Church and Queen of the World. The symbol selected for this is the traditional symbol seen on the miraculous medal created by Saint Catherine Laboure in 1830 after a Marian apparition. Saint Catherine was told by our Blessed Mother that all who wear the medal would receive great graces. It is our prayer that Our Holy Mother will shower many graces upon our parish and offer us her protection. The “M” symbol itself represents Our Lady at the foot of the Cross of her Son on the day of his crucifixion. In addition to this we also acknowledge the work and presence of our Vietnamese Sisters under the tutelage of Mary Queen of the World who are also a pivotal part and great support to our parish community.

The new logo will be seen in all our media - the Parish Website, the Parish Facebook Page, our Parish App to our Bulletin. It will be used on all documents for the parish. In this way, we boldly proclaim who we are, founded on our rich 131-year heritage, as we confidently move forward and continue to build and to grow our community.

Our Prayer

We pray that as we continue to build our parish community that the Most Holy Trinity of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit will renew in our hearts a true and real love of our Lord and his light will shine upon our parish always.