Schools Of The Parish

There are two parish schools: Holy Trinity Primary School (Kindergarten - Year 6) and Delany College (Years 7 to 12).

Holy Trinity Primary School

Holy Trinity Primary Logo

Established in 1886, Holy Trinity Primary was founded by the Sisters of St Joseph and continued under the sisters' administration until 1976 when the first lay principal was appointed. The school has seen many changes with building programs taking place in 1913, 1934, 1964 and 1995.

2008 saw the restoration of the parish hall which was reopened in November and renamed MacKillop Hall. The school has access to the hall facilities from the school playground.

Holy Trinity Primary is a small school in which members of the community work hard to maintain the friendly and hospitable atmosphere. School Spirit is a high priority and parents are encouraged to build happy working relationships with members of staff.

Parental involvement is strongly encouraged. Parents can become involved in the following areas: assistance in classrooms, helping in the tuckshop, supervision on school excursions, fundraising, helping out on Enrichment Day, assisting with sporting events, parent information nights and parent/teacher meetings (held formally in July).

The school is characterised by the teaching of strong Catholic Christian values and there is a strong emphasis on the teaching of living skills and courteous behaviour.

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Delany College

Delany College Logo

Delany College was originally known as Patrician Brothers’ High School (Years 7-10). Established in 1942, it was one of many Patrician schools in New South Wales and throughout the world.

In 1997 the school became a co-educational college (Years 7-12) to reflect and meet the changing needs of the community.

In honour of its rich Patrician heritage, the College was named after the Patrician Brothers’ founder, Bishop Daniel Delany.

Delany College offers students a caring and secure environment in which to seek truth and understanding. The School Motto, "Love, Serve, Hope", reflects the College's commitment to Bishop Delany's vision as growing from the beauty and truth of the gospel.

The college is now on an exciting journey with Connective Learning being a major focus into the future. New buildings, technology, furniture and teaching methodologies are equipping students with the skills to learn independently, collaborate, create and communicate effectively in an ever-changing world.

Click the logo above to find details about Connective Learning that brings together video conferencing, wireless mobile devices, interactive desks and cloud-based software applications in the learning environment. When combined, these technologies enable teachers, students and parents to collaborate to deliver a personalised learning environment to suit the individual needs of learners in Years 7 (2014) and 8 (2015).

Being A Student at Delany College

Delany College Student Activities

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