5 Ways to Honour Our Lady of Sorrows at Granville

September traditionally honours Our Lady of Sorrows. The title of our Blessed Mother, Our Lady of Sorrows, recognises her  suffering through the seven dolors (or seven sorrows) as prophesied by Simeon in the Gospel of Luke; especially the intense suffering and grief during the passion and death of our Lord.

The Granville Catholic Community has a number of ways in which you can honour Our Lady of Sorrows this September.

1. Visit the Chapel of Our Lady

“She who is the Mother of Sorrows and also the Mother of Consolation, can understand you completely and help you.” ~ St. John Paul II

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Offer a prayer and light a votive candle seeking the intercession of our Blessed Mother at the Chapel of Our Lady in Holy Trinity Church.


Here is a prayer you can add to your devotions…


Prayer to Our Mother of Sorrows: 

Our mother of sorrows, with strength from above you stood by the cross, sharing in the sufferings of Jesus, and with tender care you bore Him in your arms, mourning and weeping.

We praise you for your faith, which accepted the life God planned for you. We praise you for your hope, which trusted that God would do great things in you. We praise you for your love in bearing with Jesus the sorrows of His passion.

Holy Mary, may we follow your example, and stand by all your children who need comfort and love.

Mother of God, stand by us in our trials and care for us in our many needs. Pray for us now and at the hour of our death.



2. Pray the Rosary

“There is no problem, I tell you, no matter how difficult it is, that we cannot resolve by the prayer of the Holy Rosary.” ~Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima


Join us every Wednesday evening at 6:30PM in Holy Family Church as parishioners pray the Holy Rosary. Offer your prayers for those you know who may be struggling and seek the intercession of Our Lady of Sorrows, that she may journey with them through their challenges.


3. Pray before the PietaImage may contain: night, plant and outdoor

“O most holy virgin, mother of our Lord Jesus Christ: by the overwhelming grief you experienced when you witnessed the martyrdom, the crucifixion, and the death of your divine Son, look upon me with eyes of compassion and awaken in my heart a tender commiseration for those sufferings, as well as a sincere detestation of my sins…” ~ St. Bonaventure


Visit the rose garden outside of Holy Family Church and pray before the Pieta statue.  Take the time to reflect upon the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady:


The Seven Sorrows of Our Lady:

I. The prophecy of Simeon

II. The Flight to Egypt

III. Loss of Child Jesus for 3 days, later found in His Father’s House

IV. Witnessing Jesus carry his Cross

V. The Crucifixion of Jesus

VI. Taking Jesus Down from the Cross

VII. The Burial of Jesus

4. Attend Latin MassImage may contain: indoor

“My Son so loves those who assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that, if it were necessary He would die for them as many times as they’ve heard Masses.” ~ Our Lady to Blessed Alan.


Join us at Holy Trinity Church on Thursday 5th of September as we celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass at the side altar dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Add this age-old devotion to your week and honour Our Lady by honouring her Son, Jesus.






5. Pray the Stations of the Cross Related image

“While other martyrs suffered by sacrificing their own lives, the Blessed Virgin suffered by sacrificing her Son’s life, a Life that she loved far more than her own;  so that she not only suffered in her soul all that her Son endured in His Body but moreover, the sight of her Son’s torments, brought more grief to her heart, than if she had endured them all in her own person” ~ St Anselm


Pray the Stations of the Cross using the Via Crucis Booklet from our Resources Page. Reflect upon the Sorrow of Jesus’ mother as she watched her son be tortured, and crucified.





Continue to join us throughout the month of September, taking advantage of all the opportunities available to unite you closer to our Lord, our Lady and to our Catholic community.