Trinitarians and Persecuted Christians

Written by Rafael Tordilla

In Australia we are blessed with safety, modern technology, unlimited entertainment, education and an abundance of professional opportunities. We have so many good things surrounding that we often take it for granted and therefore it is easy to forget that religious persecution of Christians is still rampant and has never stopped. For Christians in countries such as Nigeria, Srilanka, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Egypt, the reality of their situation is a daily horror, every day facing death and possible genocide.


As Christians we hear of the heroic stories of Christian persecution during ancient Roman times and the Armenian genocide committed by the Turks in the early 1900’s and see it firmly as in the past.

What comes as a shock is that the persecution of Christians has continued to this day.

In 2018 Nigeria alone had 3731 Christians killed for their faith by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram. Christianity is in fact the most persecuted religion on earth.


In the last Trinitarians meeting (Friday, 22nd November) we were asked very confronting questions. Imagine being hunted down just because of your faith. What would we do as Christians if we were being forced to denounce our beliefs? Would we die for our faith or denounce it out of fear? Would we give in to anger and vengeance should our places of worship be desecrated? While reflecting on these questions we realised that all we needed to do was look to our foundations in the bible.


The apostles and the early Christains had gone through it all before and they did it all for us. They prayed, they hid, they went underground, suffered persevered and defended themselves when they had to. It was their love for each other and community which helped them survive and the love for their enemies that won them over.

More importantly they never stopped praying together and for each other.


In Australia we face persecution in other forms. Christians are often mocked and ridiculed in the media, creating a negative stereotype. A stereotype that sees Christians as backwards, unintelligent and out of touch.  It is so much easier to attack than defend and thus It has never been easy being a Christian and it is certainly not supposed to be easy. However we must also be thankful for the obstacles we face for the Church as it shines the brightest when it is under attack. It is now more important that we support each other as a community so that we continue to fight to preserve our right to exist and practice our faith. Never forget our past and take solace that in the end Our Lady and her immaculate heart will triumph.


For more information about the global persecution of Christians, you can visit the Aid to the Church In Need website.