How you can continue to financially support the parish

We are truly overwhelmed by the number of parishioners who have contacted us over the past few days asking for ways in which they can continue to financially support the works of the parish. Due to this, we have provided below the ways that you can continue to send your offerings should you wish to do so.

Online Payments

1. Visit the link:…/CATHOLICPARISHOFHOLYTRINITYGRAN… (This can be found by visiting and then clicking on the “donate” button)
2. Select Biller code 1650464 (Planned giving)
3. Complete the remaining details (Please ensure that your planned giving envelope number is listed)
4. Select your payment option from those available and then proceed with payment instructions.

**If you would like to make a financial contribution but are not part of the planned giving programme, the same instructions as above apply but please select Biller code 1650498 (Donations – other) **

Cash Donations

If preferred, you are also welcome to bring your planned giving envelopes or contribution and leave it in the parish office drop box located near the front door of the presbytery at 200 The Trongate, South Granville. (Pictured below)

We are truly grateful to everyone, particularly in these very difficult times, who are still wanting to be able to support the parish. Please be assured of our continued prayers.