Holy Trinity Parish, established in 1886, is part of the Diocese of Parramatta. The Diocese is made up of 49 parishes and 83 Catholic schools. The Diocese is home to around 330,000 Catholics in one of the fastest-growing areas of New South Wales, Australia. Most Reverend Vincent Long Van Nguyen OFM Conv DD is the fourth Bishop of Parramatta, appointed on 5 May 2016 in succession to Bishop Anthony Fisher OP.

Holy Trinity Parish is located in the suburb of Granville, close to the main regional centre of Parramatta. Father Andrew Bass is the current Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Parish, assuming this position in 2015 when he replaced Father Clifford D’souza MSFS who had been Administrator since 2011.

If you are new to the Granville area and would like to become a part of our parish community, we look forward to meeting you at Mass, or please feel free to contact us at any time.




The first reference to a church dedicated to the Holy Trinity appears in 1881 when the Freeman's Journal (2 July 1881). It makes reference to a visit by the Archbishop of Sydney to Parramatta and Granville for the purpose of opening a new church in Granville. Construction of this church began in October 1880. The church was described as ".. comparatively small in size and has little architectural beauty, but is well furnished, affording as it does room for eighty persons."

The paper also noted that further work on the church would be required – "The church in its present condition will be large enough for the requirements of the mission for months yet, then additions will be proceeded with" – to enable a much larger congregation.

Holy Trinity officially became a parish in 1886 incorporating Granville, Harris Park, Merrylands, Guildford and East Granville. Mary MacKillop established the Sisters of St Joseph in Granville from 1885. Part of the church was blown down in 1895 and had to be rebuilt and extended. Cardinal Moran blessed and dedicated the extensions later in the same year.

In 1906, Cardinal Moran asked the parish priest at the time, Father Flahavan, to build a new church as the current church was becoming too small for the expanding population.

Due to ill–health, Father Flahavan was unable to carry out Cardinal Moran's request but Father Flahavan's predecessor, Father Grace, was able to commence the building of the new church and see its completion. Unfortunately, given that the new church was the same size as the old church, it did little to accommodate the growth of new parishioners.

The second Holy Trinity Church on the corner of Randle and Grimwood Streets was opened in April 1907. In May 1908, the new church was destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and reopened in October 1908 and remained the church until the present church was opened in 1965. After extensive heritage renovation, the 1907/1908 church (which had become known as ‘the brown hall’) was re-opened in 2008 and renamed MacKillop Hall. The image shown is of the church before the fire.

The history of the current church goes back to 1960 when parishioners, under the guidance of Father Patrick Brennan (Parish Priest between 1953 – 1968), formed a committee to investigate the possibility of erecting a new church on the site to replace the existing church which was opened in 1908.

The foundation stone of the new church was blessed and laid by Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, on 23 May, 1965. On 28 November 1965, the Auxiliary Bishop to his Eminence Cardinal Gilroy, the Most Rev J P Carroll, blessed and opened the church.

The church was dedicated to the memory of members of the three armed services who gave their lives for their country during World Wars I and II. Because of this, the church is also known as the Holy Trinity War Memorial Church.

In 2015, the parish celebrated the 50 Year Jubilee of The Holy Trinity Parish War Memorial Church. On Sunday 29 November 2015, a Mass of the Golden Jubilee of the Dedication of the Holy Trinity Church was held. Over 600 people attended the Mass.

This was followed by the inaugural Parish Fair. Over $14,000 was raised from the fair to aid in the repairs and the maintenance of the Church.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Extensive use was made of "Holy Trinity Granville - Celebrating 125 Years 1886 - 2012" by John Portelli on the History and Parish Church Pages of the Website. Image courtesy of George Tadros


The church presently used by the parishioners of Holy Trinity Parish is located on the corner of Randle and Bennalong Streets in Granville.

The foundation stone of the new church was blessed and laid by Cardinal Gilroy, Archbishop of Sydney, on 23 May, 1965. The following images were taken on this day. In the first image, Father Patrick Brennan, Parish Priest between 1953 – 1968, is seen behind Cardinal Gilroy while in the second image, he is seen to the left of Cardinal Gilroy.

On 28 November 1965, the Auxillary Bishop to his Eminence Cardinal Gilroy, the Most Rev J P Carroll, blessed and opened the church. The Church on its Opening Day on 28 November 1965. The old presbytery (now demolished) is seen in the image below, to the left with the building between the presbytery and the church now forming part of the Primary School.

The church was dedicated to the memory of members of the three armed services who gave their lives for their country during World Wars I and II. Because of this, the church is also known as the Holy Trinity War Memorial Church.

Throughout its history, the church has had design changes. One of the earliest changes was the inclusion of the secondary altar in front of the main altar to allow the celebrant to say Mass facing the people. A railing separating the Sanctuary from the rest of the church was also removed. Both of these changes were the result of changes brought about by Vatican II (1962 – 1965).

1968 image showing the original altar and railing surrounding the sanctuary. This image, taken three years after the Church was opened, shows the high Altar prior to the altar being moved to its present location in 1971. The year 2009, however, saw extensive refurbishment occurring. Under Father Paul Roberts, Parish Priest between 2008 – 2011, the church was fully refurbished with a foyer built below the choir loft at the back entrance of the church and the original timber flooring restored and polished.

Repairs to the outside roof of the church were also undertaken to repair leaks that had allowed water to enter the church. Prominent features of the church include the trinity symbol hanging from the roof above the main altar and the roof made from Tasmanian oak.

An external change to the church was the erection, in 2014, of an awning over the main entrance doors during the time Father Clifford D'souza was Administrator of the Parish. This was done to provide cover from rain or sun for marriages and funerals and to serve as an area where parishioners can gather and have morning tea after Mass.



Fr Les Campion’s link to Granville and Holy Trinity goes a long way back to his childhood days. Fr Campion was born in Parramatta and later attended Holy Trinity Primary – then known as St Joseph’s. Fr Campion once mentioned that when the primary school was being built, the children were required to bring in one brick each to assist with construction of the new school block. He then attended St Ignatius for his secondary learning before entering the Seminary where he was located at both Springwood and then Manly.

Fr Campion was ordained at St Mary’s Cathedral on Saturday, July 22nd, 1950. He would then celebrate his first Mass at Holy Trinity Granville just one day after his ordination on Sunday, 23rd July at 10am. Fr Campion returned to Granville in 1971 when he was appointed Parish Administrator, working alongside then Parish Priest, Fr P Galligan. In 1975, Fr Campion was appointed Parish Priest and is the longest serving Parish Priest in the history of Holy Trinity Granville.

On January 18th 1977, Granville would be changed forever as a Train from Mount Victoria in the Blue Mountains, crashed into the Bold St Bridge bringing down the bridge on 2 carriages killing 84 men, women and children and injuring another 213 others. Fr Campion was one of the first to the shocking scene and administered last rites to many of the victims.

He also at times, risked his own life by crawling through the wreckage looking for survivors or injured people so he could pray with them or simply share a few moments. In countless interviews which followed the disaster, Fr Campion always remembered the “overwhelming stillness” he felt upon entering the carriages and how this place had become a place for the dead and he felt as though he was an intruder to the silence.

Fr Campion’s link to the victim’s families, friends and all associated with the disaster continued through to his retirement from Granville in 2008. He attended all memorial ceremonies held on the anniversary of the Disaster, blessing the Roses which would be thrown onto the tracks to mark those who died. In 1997, to honour the 20th anniversary of the crash, a granite wall containing the names of all 83 victims was unveiled at the Granville Memorial Gardens directly across from the crash scene. Our parish was one of many organisations who contributed financially to the creation of this sacred monument.

Fr Campion’s time and service at Holy Trinity Granville will always be remembered and cherished. His sense of humour, love of the Parramatta Eels and warmness will be remembered by all who crossed paths with him. He is also remembered by many students who would speak with Fr Campion during his visits to the schools. You could tell when Fr Campion was on the School grounds as the students would swarm to him to just say hi or shake his hand. His dedication to Our Lady, humility and prayerfulness made him a true example of the presence of Jesus in our community.

In 2011, Fr Campion was honoured by the Church with Papal Honours for his long and faithful service to the Church – a priesthood which had been in excess of 60 years.

Fr Campion died on March 15th, 2014. His final visit to the parish would be to commemorate his life with hundreds attending his funeral on Tuesday, 25th March 2014. The Requiem Mass was attended by fellow priests from various dioceses and was celebrated by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP (then Bishop of Parramatta). A permanent memorial was created for Fr Campion with the construction of a garden to Our Lady, Help of Christians on the grounds of the church in 2015.

Fr Campion’s legacy and memory will be his love for this parish and dedication to the community which he served for so many years.


The reader, traditionally referred to as a lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel. They may also announce the intentions for the Prayer of the Faithful and, in the absence of a psalmist, proclaim the Psalm between the readings.

The choir and musicians play a key role in the enhancement of the liturgy and other services. Members of the choir and musicians volunteer their time and talents to preparing suitable hymns for weekend Masses and solemnities, data projection and introduction of new Mass settings and psalms.

We always welcome new members to come forward and volunteer to singing in the choir and welcome new musicians, particularly organists and accompanists such as trumpets, violins and other string ensemble instruments.

The acolyte is instituted to serve at the altar and to assist the priest and deacon. In particular, it is his responsibility to prepare the altar and the sacred vessels and, if it is necessary, as an extraordinary minister, to distribute the Eucharist to the faithful. In the ministry of the altar, the acolyte has his own functions which he must perform himself.

The role of the altar server is to assist at the Altar during the offering of the Holy Mass and other liturgical services. This ministry is open to anyone who has made their first communion and we welcome new members, both young and old, to become Altar Servers.

Our Church cleaners assist in the cleaning of our Parish church. This includes with cleaning the sanctuary area, vacuuming carpets, cleaning glass in Narthex area and polishing brass. Cleaners are split into numerous groups meaning that a few hours per month is all that is required.

Children’s Liturgy is held during every Sunday 10AM Mass (except in School Holidays) in MacKillop Hall. Children join our team of volunteers to read and learn about the weekend Gospel reading, with prayer and fun and creative activities.

Counters assist with the counting of weekly collections after the Sunday morning Mass. Counters are placed into various groups usually of 4 people per team. Counters are usually required for 2 hours per month.

Catechesis is that particular form of ministry of the word which matures initial conversion to make it into a living, explicit and fruitful confession of faith. Catechists are a team of parishioners who have completed Diocesan training.

The program is age appropriate, creative and contemporary in order that the young person be motivated to grow in knowledge, understanding, appreciation, acceptance and love of the Gospel. As Catechists we are committed to giving a strong witness of our own faith.

Members of our parish assist with the Hospitality and social aspect of parish life. This includes set up and pack up of food area, preparing tea and coffee after Sunday morning Mass and serving of finger foods.

The Trinitarians Youth Ministry (TYM) welcomes our young parishioners (Year 6 and above) and their friends for monthly meetings to socialise, pray and discuss their Catholic faith.

The Trinitarians are always looking for new members so check out our Parish Social Media or Bulletin and come along to their next event.



Holy Trinity Piety Store offers a large range of exclusive devotional items, gifts and cards for the Sacraments, statues, Bibles, Missals and religious books for adults and children, also a varied selection of rosaries and bracelets. We upgrade our range seasonally with gifts for Easter and Christmas. Everyone welcome.





The Vietnamese community have been a part of the parish for over 30 years celebrating Mass every Sunday evening at 5pm. In addition to Mass, the community also have their own Legion of Mary group who meet every Sunday afternoon and a Youth group. The Vietnamese community have been a tremendous asset to the parish through their support of parish events, both liturgical and social, being a part of the church cleaning group and flower arrangements which adorn the church.


The Ghanaian community have been part of our parish community for over 10 years and meet for Mass at 11:30am on the Second and Last Sunday of each month. The community is made up of a small yet vibrant group of faithful who come together to join in the celebration of the Holy Mass. In addition, the community offers their support to the parish through cleaning the church and taking part in Parish liturgical and social events.